Respond in a paragraph on this discussion board about the APA 7th Edition. In your response, do not just agree or disagree, tell the reason for your response. Your response must be at least 100 words. 

 Peer 2

APA 7th Edition

Question 1

The seventh APA edition is the most interesting formatting technique that has reduced the workload for professionals and students. After rigorous research, I have learned that the 7th APA edition does not require students to include the phrase “Running head” on the header unless requested (Eaton, Lenart, Jones & Premji, 2019). The title page consists of the title, which must be written in boldface, and centered.  The whole paper must be written in Times New Roman, font 12, and the texts should be double spaced on the entire paper (Transue, 2019). Also, I learned that the bibliography must start with the word “References”, the in-text citation must have included the author’s surname and year of publishing, and the scholarly sources must include a doi number (Williams, 2019).

Question 2

            The most challenging aspect of APA for me is to find the solutions for missing information in the references. In this sense, there are instances when a source may lack essential details that must be included in the citation (Miller, 2019). For example, I always find it hard to in text cite scholarly sources that fail to provide the name of the author or the date of publication.  Besides, I am yet to memories the heading formats.

Question 3

I will need the most assistance when it comes to the punctuation of the references. Previously, I was accustomed to using the citation machine as the primary resource for the creation of the references. Nowadays, I am always forced to create my reference entries manually

Question 4

I found the tutorial helpful in introducing me to the basic elements of the seventh edition of APA. However, I preferred to use the owl Purdue resource since it gives an in-depth analysis of the format and is easy to follow through.


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