see attachments.

Attached is the guidlines, rubric and the paper I submitted.

Can my paper be brought up to the guidlines standard?

I submitted a pre-research proposal ( you will see attached) The instructor said :

I took a look at what you sent. Here is what I think: This may prove to be a good research topic. However, you have to identify the research problem more clearly, and more importantly, you have to validate the research problem, i.e., showing with what you have found in the prior research studies, what has been done to address the problem by the prior research studies (note here, they have to be research studies) and why the prior research hasn’t successfully addressed or resolved the problem, and hence, there is still the need to propose another study, your study, to attempt to resolve the problem. I think more work needs to be done.

Also, you have to take a look at the guidelines for the research proposal and follow the required structure of the this assignment, i.e., the sections and elements that should be included.

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