The reevaluation process in special education is addressed at least every three years to determine whether the student continues to need special education and related services due to their diagnosed disability. Teachers working with students with disabilities should be aware of the rationale and purpose for the reevaluation. There are also legal provisions that must be followed to document the scope and sequence of the evaluation process. All teachers need to be aware of their role and responsibility to participate fully and be a collaborative team member with both staff and family.

Review the different reevaluation requirements under IDEA. Discuss the different types of reevaluations and associated process steps.

Design a 5 slide digital presentation appropriate for a schoolwide professional development opportunity on the topic of special education reevaluations for K‐8.

Within your presentation, address the following:

Support your presentation with a  scholarly resource.

Rubic:   Triennial Revaluations 

Thoroughly and insightfully summarizes triennial evaluations regarding use of assessments to support continued eligibility, required consent, participants, and scope of the evaluation. 

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