Topic 3: Discussion Question 1 

A student not meeting a goal is a common situation you will encounter. How do you explain this to students in a way that maintains their confidence to continue working, but also shows them the reality of adjusting their goals and continuing to work hard? How will you encourage and motivate a student, in a loving way, who is struggling in meeting their educational goals? 

Realistic Goals

Read “Encouraging Elementary Students to Set Realist Goals,” by White, Hohn, and Tollefson, located in the Journal of Research in Childhood Education (1998).


Topic 3: Discussion Question 2 

Setting goals and having a plan creates a foundation for success. Provide a personal relevant experience where you had to set goals, formulate a plan, and how following and modifying that plan led you to success.

Motivating Students to Learn Better Through Own Goal-Setting

Read “Motivating Students to Learn Better Through own Goal-Setting,” by Lowell, located in Education (1997).


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