The English language arts content area encompasses a range of literacy skills, including reading, writing, listening, speaking, and language. The ability to perform these vital skills influences all content areas and sets a foundation for a child’s educational and professional future.

The purpose of this assignment is to analyze and select various instructional strategies specifically for reading and language development.

In this assignment, you will design a lesson plan intended to engage students in these strategies, while also making learning appropriately higher-order and meaningful.

Design a lesson plan for the elementary grade of your choice using the “COE Lesson Plan Template,” found in the Student Success Center. The lesson plan template should be completed in its entirety and should:

Teach both reading and language development/vocabulary to elementary students:

After designing the lesson plan, in 150-250 words, reflect on how you engaged complex thinking and meaning making within the scope of the reading and language/vocabulary lesson. Emphasize how you encouraged critical thinking and understanding of the text and language/vocabulary.

Submit your lesson plan and reflection as one deliverable.

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