Which of the following is NOT true about Fundamental Attribution Errors?

they are judgments we make about others based on their group membership

they are typically error prone

they result in discrimination

they always consider the situation and have nothing to do with group membership

Question 2

When we make a personal attribution about someone’s behavior – we are believing their actions are due to the person’s…

effort or lack of effort

deliberate intention

personal disposition

all of the answers are correct

Question 3

A teacher believes that the reason his female student received a poor grade is because she lacked ability. But the teacher also believes that the reason his male student did poorly was because of problems he is experiencing at home. In this example, the teacher is making a….

correct decision

personal attribution

situational attribution

fundamental attribution error

Question 4

When making a situational attribution about someone’s behavior, we believe that his/her actions were due to….

their effort

something beyond their control

their personal disposition

deliberate intention

Question 5

A supervisor believes his employee is lazy and unmotivated because he called in sick. In this example, the supervisor is making a…

none of the responses are correct

situational attribution

personal attribution

fundamental attribution error

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