Module 8: Listening Thread

The purpose of Listening Threads is to give students the opportunity to critically/constructively analyze speeches they hear and/or see.  It is important to understand that opinions of what a “good speech” is can be subjective.  However, most communication experts and educators claim that a “good” speech needs to contain responsible and relevant substance, easy-to-follow structure, inviting presentation, and connection to the audience.

Step 1: Review TWO Student Persuasive Speeches from the previous module (found under Persuasive Speech Submission.

Step 2: Answer the Feedback “Form” below for both speeches (complete a separate feedback for each speech).  It may be a good idea to copy and paste the questions into the “reply” box and then fill in your answers.  Please note, that points are awarded to answers that utilize SPECIFIC examples from the speech viewed.  Simple “yes/no” will not suffice.  Do not submit the Feedback Form under the speeches you watched, make sure to submit the assignment on this assignment tab!

Feedback “Form”


  1. Did the introduction gain your attention? How?
  2. Did the speaker establish credibility to speak on the topic? How?
  3. Did the speaker provide a reason of why YOU needed to be persuaded? How?
  4. Did the speaker adequately provide a thesis statement?


  1. Was the speech easy for you to follow? What design was utilized?
  2. Were the main points arraigned effectively? Explain.
  3. Was supporting material sufficient and appropriate?  What information stood out to you the most?
  4. Did you find the speech interesting?  Why or Why not?
  5. Did you feel inclined to take action after the speech? Why or why not?


  1. Did the speaker summarize the message?
  2. Did the speaker provide a concluding remark?


  1. Did the speaker use appropriate vocal expressions in their speech? Explain.
  2. Did the speaker use appropriate body language in their speech? Explain.
  3. Did you feel the speaker’s visual aids were appropriate? Were they large enough to see?
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