The selected theory you will be writing about is the Existential approach to Psychotherapy. I have attatched a PDF of information from class lectures as well as images of the text you are required to reference. 

Write a 2-3 page reflection paper (The 2-3 pages does NOT include a cover page and reference page. These will be additional so total of 5 pages) describing a preferred approach to counseling from the theories we have covered throughout the semester. The paper must be double-spaced and written in APA style with a cover sheet and references.

ALL of the following needs to be addressed in your paper and you must label each section accordingly as follows:

Make sure that your opinions and assertions are supported by the information in the text and consistent with the theory or theories you selected. You should use the text as a reference as well as AT LEAST ONE outside resource and refer to it in your paper.

Each section of your paper should be labeled as follows:

Grading Rubric for Paper

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