When it comes to sleep and getting a good night’s sleep (p109-111 in the text [including the graph/chart on page 111]) what do you think about how much sleep you need to be healthy?  What SENTENCE in the material was meaningful to you, or what PHRASEmoved and engaged you, or what WORD captured your attention.  Then SUMMARIZE AND DISTILL (condensing into a more brief form) that information in your answer. 

 Think about what you believe to be the greatest stressors for the average college student.  In reading about the “Sources of Stress” (p303-308 in the text) and studying the table “Stressor in the Lives of College Students” (p303 in the text)REFLECT on (1) what “I Used to Think” BEFORE you studied the material and then REFLECT on (2) “But now I think” AFTER having studied the material and share those ideas with the other students. 

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