need corrections made to this paper. attached are original paper along with directions and instructors feedback on what changes are needed on the paper


Write a 6–8-page action plan to resolve issues in a case study  based on evaluation of relevant psychological theory, research,  principles, and standards.

When faced with a problem that involves psychology, you could merely  rely on lessons drawn from your own personal experience, but of course,  your education in this field has given you greatly enhanced sources of  guidance.


Return to the case study that you considered in Assessments 1 and 2.


Complete the following:

Keep in mind throughout this assessment that while your writing must  conform to APA standards, you must explain all information in a manner  that can be easily understood by a nonacademic or nonscientific  audience.

Refer to the Research Analysis and Action Plan Scoring Guide to ensure that you meet the grading criteria for this assessment.

Additional Requirements

Your assessment should meet the following requirements:


Thank you for submitting your u3a1 paper. SafeAssign indicated that  your paper has a 52% match for plagiarism and this is too high. While  you can use some of the same information from other assessments, you  copied verbatim the same information from assessments 1 and 2.  Assessment 3 asks for different information and you need to address  those questions as you will need to use all 3 assessments for your unit 4  presentation. 

While the assessments do build on each other, they  do also require very different information. It would not make sense to  submit the same information for 3 assessments and you need the 3  assessments to complete the unit 4 presentation. The first assessment  asks you to choose a case study and analyze an ethical dilemma within  it, based on the application of ethical principles. You were asked to  think of this ethical analysis as a report you would make in a  professional context. Then in Assessment 2, you were asked to report on  cultural aspects of the same case. This is not the same as unit 1. In  Assessment 3, you were asked to apply psychological theories, research,  principles and standards to develop an action plan to resolve the case.  Again, this is not the same as unit 1 or unit 2 so you should not have  the exact same information submitted in all 3 papers. I hope this helps  as Assessment 4 asks you to submit your presentation to communicate your  research and plan based on your 3 assessments.

 You  cited most places but had several areas where you did not cite. You are  almost there! You need to write in your own words only and cite properly  in order to demonstrate your own learning and understanding of the  material. In order to demonstrate your understanding of the material,  you need to write in your own words.

You are so close! If you  do include a quote, you need to cite it properly and use quotation  marks and page numbers in your citations. If a quote is 40 words or  more, you need to use block format. You can amend this paper and submit  your next revision. The problem is that you need to cite  properly when you take information from other sources. Please work with  your tutor to cite properly and consistently throughout your paper. 

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