Note: You must complete Assessments 1–4 before beginning Assessment 5.

The final assessment for this course is the completion of a formal APA-formatted research proposal. You must use the Research Methods Template, which is linked in the Resources. Your proposal should reflect revisions you made based on the feedback you received on Assessments 2 and 3.

Proposals should be approximately 15–20 pages in length (not including the references and title page), follow APA format, and contain the following elements in the order listed below:

  1. Title page (not included in 15–20 page requirement).
  2. Abstract (120 words or less) (Note that this is a separate page.).
  3. Introduction: a summary of your proposal and the research questions under study (1 page).
  4. Literature review (5–6 pages).
  5. Methods section (4–6 pages) that includes the following subsections: 
    1. Research design selection and rationale (1 page).
    2. Participants.
    3. Instruments.
    4. Data analysis plan.
  6. Discussion of your expected findings (1–2 pages).
  7. Conclusion (1–2 paragraphs wrapping up the proposal).
  8. References (not included in 15–20 page requirement).
Additional Instructions
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