Question 1

Our thoughts about why people behave in the ways they do are known as:

[removed] attributions.
[removed] delusions.
[removed] illusions.
[removed] inferential psychology.

Question 2

Actors explain their own behaviors with ________ causes.

[removed] vague
[removed] unjustifiable
[removed] external
[removed] internal

Question 3

When we use a self-serving bias, we tend to attribute ___________ to our own characteristics and to attribute ___________ to external factors.

[removed] our luck; other people’s luck
[removed] other people’s luck; our luck
[removed] our successes; our failures
[removed] our failures; our successes

Question 4

___________ are evaluations of people, objects, and ideas.

[removed] Attitudes
[removed] Self-serving biases
[removed] Emotions
[removed] Deindividuations

Question 5

The jigsaw classroom has been shown to reduce prejudice among schoolchildren by promoting __________ rather than ____________.

[removed] competition; cooperation
[removed] cooperation; competition
[removed] academic contact; intimate contact
[removed] intimate contact; academic contact

Question 6

___________ is a generalization about a group’s characteristics that does not account for variations from one individual to the next.

[removed] A stereotype
[removed] Deindividuation
[removed] A self-serving bias
[removed] Groupthink

Question 7

Which area of social psychology involves how people select, interpret, remember, and use social information?

[removed] cognitive sociology
[removed] psychosocial interactionism
[removed] social cognition
[removed] social kinesthetics

Question 8

______________ causes people to conform because they want to be right.

[removed] Informational social influence
[removed] Normative social influence
[removed] Ethnocentric social influence
[removed] Elaborative social influence

Question 9

____________ is an unjustified negative attitude toward an individual based on the individual’s membership in a group.

[removed] Stereotyping
[removed] Prejudice
[removed] Discimination
[removed] Deindividuation

Question 10

_____________ is the process of acting in a way that presents a desired image.

[removed] Deinidividuation
[removed] Social identification
[removed] Impression management
[removed] Fundamental attribution
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