Question 1

Which of the following countries has the lowest suicide rate of those listed?

[removed] Canada
[removed] Mexico
[removed] Japan
[removed] Hungary

Question 2

Obsessions are to _______ as compulsions are to _______.

[removed] behaviors; emotions
[removed] thoughts; behaviors
[removed] controllable; uncontrollable
[removed] anxiety; depression

Question 3

A(n) ________ disorder is an anxiety disorder in which the individual has an irrational, overwhelming, persistent fear of a particular object or situation.

[removed] generalized anxiety
[removed] obsessive compulsive
[removed] phobic
[removed] fugue

Question 4

__________ is a severe psychological disorder that is characterized by highly disordered thought processes, such as believing oneself to be Jesus Christ or Napoleon.

[removed] Somatization Disorder
[removed] Dissociative Identity Disorder
[removed] Schizophrenia
[removed] Narcissistic Personality Disorder

Question 5

The medical model asserts that abnormal behavior is caused by:

[removed] environmental factors.
[removed] sociocultural factors.
[removed] biological factors.
[removed] unresolved unconscious conflicts.

Question 6

A(n)________ is an intense fear of being humiliated or embarrassed in situations, such as giving a speech, eating in a public place, and/or writing while someone watches.

[removed] specific phobia
[removed] social phobia
[removed] fugue
[removed] obsessive-compulsive disorder

Question 7

__________ is characterized by bizarre motor behavior, which sometimes takes the form of a completely immobile stupor, although even in the stupor state the person is fully conscious of what is happening around them.

[removed] Catatonic schizophrenia
[removed] Paranoid schizophrenia
[removed] Disorganized schizophrenia
[removed] Undifferentiated schizophrenia

Question 8

The classification of mental disorders using the DSM-IV-TR follows the ________ model.

[removed] medical
[removed] behavioral
[removed] cognitive
[removed] psychoanalytic

Question 9

____________ disorders are psychological disorders that involve a sudden loss of memory or change in identity.

[removed] Schizophrenic
[removed] Somatoform
[removed] Mood
[removed] Dissociative

Question 10

The major classification system of mental disorders in the United States is the:

[removed] Freudian Handbook of Mental Disorders.
[removed] Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders.
[removed] Prevalence Handbook of Mental and Personality Disorders.
[removed] Diagnostic Manual of Abnormal Behaviors.
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