Unit 2 Assignment: Assessment Article Review

For this week’s Assignment you will evaluate the assessment and measurement tools from a study or case scenario. Identify an article in the past (5 years) that is related to an ethical psychological assessment instrument or tool. The article should summarize the test designer’s assessment techniques, ethical violation, and author’s ability to address or remedy the issues.

Write an essay, no fewer than seven pages in length, incorporating the following elements based on your findings:

Along with the text, use a minimum of three scholarly articles to support your critic. One of your supporting articles should be the APA Ethical Codes accessible through the following Library links.

Miller and Lovler (2016) recommended four websites for psychological test databases, refer to (page 30) of your textbook.

Note: Find a test measuring a construct in your area of interest; do not purchase a review of any test. You will use the websites to look up the name and brief description of a test and then conduct further research on your own about this test.

The assignment should include the following:

Unit 2 Assignment Rubrics

Grading   Rubric Unit 2 Assignment

Points   Possible

Points Earned 

Course   Content

Addresses   each of the following areas using appropriate references to course materials:

Student   synthesizes and addresses the following:

(1) Student   is able to select an appropriate and relevant psychological assessment   instrument

(2) Student is able to discuss the   main issues the authors are addressing in the article


(3) Student   is able to clearly define the ethical violations in the article review


(4) Student   is able to clearly discuss how issues above have relevance to evaluating the   validity of the psychological assessment instrument 


Student clearly synthesizes ideas from   the readings, and discusses how correct and incorrect decisions occur when   interpreting a psychological assessment instrument



Style and Mechanics: Clear and logical
  organization; paragraphs and sentences are well
  developed. Uses correct grammar, spelling, and
  punctuation. Meets (7 page) length requirements. 


APA Style: Formatted correctly using   APA style.
  Provides references to support conclusions.
  Paraphrased correctly and accurately; direct
  quotes used minimally.

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