Complete and submit Project 2 “Operations Management Plan.”

PROJECT 2: Operations Management Plan

Prepare a report after reading the following instructions. The report should be typewritten and a minimum of one page, double-spaced, in length. No special format is required–I’m only interested in the content.

Develop and submit an Operations Management Plan. For the plan, choose a well-known company and locate the following information about the firm you have selected:

  1. Briefly trace the history of the doctrine of the pactum salutis and summarize the major elements of the doctrine as presented by 17th century Reformed divines.
  2. Demonstrate that the term “pactum salutis” (or its terminological equivalents) does not appear in the Westminster Standards.

iii. Demonstrate that the elements of the doctrine do appear in the Westminster Standards; discuss the places where those elements do appear; discuss any terms that appear in the Westminster Standards and that typically appear in discussions of the pactum salutis (e.g., “surety,” etc.).

  1. Discuss reasons (found in your research and/or offered by other scholars) why the pactum salutis is not explicitly mentioned in the Westminster Standards, including suggestions that the Westminster divines either objected to this doctrine or found it otherwise unworthy of inclusion in the Confession and Catechisms.
  2. Discuss corroborating evidence for believing that the Westminster Standards affirm the substance of the doctrine (e.g., explicit mention of the doctrine in “The Sum of Saving Knowledge”; explicit mention of the doctrine in The Savoy Declaration; explicit defense of the doctrine by Westminster divines in other publications; etc.).
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