Assignment 1:

conduct a literature search on pro-social behaviors in social psychology and write a short review as a prelude to the literature review that you will submit as part of your research proposal. The literature review should be between 750 words. The writing style should be in the third person.  use the APA reference style for in-text citations, use a dedicated “References” section at the end, and be consistent throughout the work (see earlier link to university referencing guidance). Please Wikipedia quote will NOT be accepted as a reference for this piece of work. 

Assignment 2: 

Research Proposal Presentation General guidance for the Research Proposal Presentation; Main points of Research Proposal should be presented in a PowerPoint presentation consisting of 5 slides and accompanying text. Also, under the slides (in the notes section) text should be provided. This text should be reflecting in general what you would say if the presentation was orally presented. The presentation should not just be copying and pasting from your research proposal but selections should be made and presented briefly. Make sure that apart from the content, the appearance of your presentation should be considered (e.g. not very long text in each slide, font size, color etc.). Also, any sources used should be acknowledged and cited in the slides and reference list accordingly.

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