For this discussion post, based on your readings, answer the following questions.

·         List the characteristics of the most supportive environment they can imagine for themselves in old age. List characteristics of the environment, then assess what this list assumes about your abilities in old age, about the demands of the environment, and about the relationship between the two?

·         Next consider how moving from one housing situation to another has affected you in your lives. What makes for a good vs. a bad move? What was the most difficult thing about moving? Now consider those moves as a 75 year old person. What challenges would you face? What emotions are you feeling? Consider how older people could be helped to move more effectively?

·         Finally, look at the place you live now. What problems would this pose for an 80-year-old woman/man with arthritis in her/his legs? Consider its internal design and its location in the community.

Support your statements with evidence from the required studies and your research.

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