Parenting styles and how they affect a child in a positive and negative way” – An intro to my final paper, just the background research critique, I’ve attached 5 articles; just pull keywords from the articles to use in writing the literature review. 

Independent Variable “parenting styles?” Dependent Variable “child outcomes” (however you define/operationalize them).

Reguired for paper

1) Use APA formatting

2) Minimum 4 pages; double space

2) Give people the info necessary to understand why you are studying what you are studying. 

3) Analyze the current literature. Do not simply list what previous studies have done. In other words, identify limitations or conditions where previous findings may not hold as well as where future research (i.e. your study) can further what is known. 

4) Integrate the information and analysis into a coherent paper. (again do not simply summarize numerous studies). 

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