Read the following instructions carefully. Write a paper totaling 1500 words, answering questions from Section A (750 words total) and questions from Section B (750 words total). Please include little to no quoted material in your paper. The point is to get you to describe and characterize the material, not to just import the words of others. If you must quote, just include a parenthetical citation at the end of the quote, like this: “(Author Name, Book Title, Page Number).” There is no need to provide a bibliography. Do not go significantly over or under the word limit. The word “significantly” here is a judgment call on my part, but in order to be on the safe side, keep it to no more than 100 words over or under the limit. Refer to Class Schedule for due date. An assignment link will be created on Blackboard and you will be able to upload it closer to the deadline. A late penalty will be applied to any paper turned in after this time. The penalty is: one third of a letter grade deduction for each day the paper is late. So, for example, if a paper is turned in at 8:15 AM the following morning, and if the paper without the late penalty is given the grade of B, it will become a B- due to its being turned in one day late. Answer one question from Section A and one question from Section B. Section A — Answer one from the following options: 1. Describe Thomson’s arguments for the permissibility of abortion. Then attack them. Describe Marquis’ argument for the immorality of abortion. And then attack his argument. In this debate, which of the two thinkers gets it right? Finally, why do you think abortion is such a thorny issue? 2. Focus on two types of killing: euthanasia and capital punishment. Describe what each of these are, and give reasons for and against the rightness of both. Ultimately, tell me if society should allow these practices. Section B — Answer one from the following options: 1. Why should society allow individuals to use drugs? Contrastingly, why should society not allow individuals to use drugs? Describe and then attack the argument that drugs are harmful to the user. In the end, is this a good argument? Describe and then attack the argument that drugs are harmful to the user’s friends and family. In the end, is this a good argument? Should the government allow us to make choices that cause ourselves great harm? 2. What are some reasons for and against eating meat? After running through a list of reasons in favor of it and reasons against it, determine the strongest argument on each side. Then tell me whether you are convinced by either argument, and why or

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