Community Survey Paper Instructions

The paper will emphasize the overall systemic approach to care giving for our men and women who have served our country through the various branches in our military. You will articulate and evaluate your local community’s (city, county) approach to meeting the needs discovered from this survey. A report primarily on how the Veteran Affairs Agency provides services without addressing how faith-based programs or non-VA benefited programs service our veterans will likely result in a very poor grade. This project is a survey of how the local community, as a whole, meets its needs for the military veteran.

This is a survey of professional data, which will take weeks to gather and report on; thus, it will be virtually impossible to complete over a weekend. Do not underestimate this assignment. Please start early in the term as you research your local area and then move out into surrounding communities and county agencies to find out what services are provided for our underserved veterans.

Your survey will consist of:

Overall instructions for this writing assignment are:

Submit this assignment through SafeAssign by 11:59 p.m. (ET) on Sunday of Module/Week 5.

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