Unit plans are used to organize, sequence, and content. You will create a mini-unit with three lessons, including the lesson you started in Week 1. The arrangement of the lessons as pieces of a unit must include state standards, objectives, instructional practices and resources, assessment, feedback, and reflection. If you need samples, refer to an example of a unit plan. A lesson plan is also found in Chapter 6 of your book. While there is no set format for your unit plan, it must contain:

  1. Unit Topic/Title 
  2. Grade Level 
  3. Course/Discipline 
  4. Time to Complete Unit 
  5. Main Purpose of the Unit Study: Describe the purpose of the unit and how it will fit in the overall scheme of the course. 
  6. Instructional Resources or Technology: Describe instructional materials, resources, or technology used in this unit. 
  7. Evaluation of Unit: How will the unit be evaluated? How will you decide if the students successfully completed the unit? How will you reflect on your teaching of the unit and lessons? 
  8. Include three lessons. The first lesson was due in Week 9. Please edit and revise your first lesson. Add two more lessons following the same format as the lesson in Week 9. Use the rubric and guide from Week 9 and make sure to address all the parts of the rubric for lessons two and three. 

The specific course learning outcomes associated with this assignment are:

  1. Apply methods to differentiate instruction and meet the individual needs of diverse student populations. 
  2. Analyze and correlate teaching and learning styles. 
  3. Identify learning objectives and information resources and technologies to meet those objectives. 
  4. Develop theory and research-based learning strategies and activities. 
  5. Design assessment measures. 
  6. Evaluate and recommend effective ways to communicate objectives and outcomes to students, parents, peers, administrators, and other stakeholders within and outside of the school environment. 
  7. Use technology and information resources to research issues in instructional methods. 
  8. Write clearly and concisely about instructional methods using proper writing mechanics. 
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