For this assignment you will go back to the site or classroom where you observed the child from Observation #1. You will observe that child for one hour . The first 30 minutes should be the Narrative. The next 20 minutes you observe for an anecdote to record — remember an anecdote is “Something of note” or out of the ordinary or a new or different behavior you saw compared to the first time you observed the child. The anecdote should be short/brief, concise and only on ONE domain, written in past tense since you technically would be writing this “after the fact.” For the last 10 minutes you should be able to quickly fill out your checklist (This is a checklist YOU CREATE BEFORE you go out to observe the child) — make sure this checklist denotes behaviors that perhaps you did not capture the first time, the behaviors should be written broadly so you are likely to capture them at the time and place you go to observe (for this reason go back to your observation site — roughly around the same time you observed last time). The Checklist should include 3 domains with at least 4 behaviors under each domain, and should have rows and only one column with a Yes — place where you would mark off if the behavior occurred or not.

Field Observation # 2 Grading rubric for the three assessment tools

· Static descriptors recorded properly (name/time/date/environment) (3pt ea)____ /9pts

· Content of observation implemented correctly matching criteria to format (3pt ea)                                                                                                                                                                     _____ /9pts

· Narrative Observation: Descriptions in each domain are objective and detailed (3pt/domain)                                                                                                                                               _____ /9pts

· Anecdote: Objective data (4pts)                                                                                                     _____/4pts

· Anecdote: Opportunities are specific and Developmentally Appropriate (4pts) _____ /4pts

· Checklist: Behaviors are objective, observable, broad, and appropriate for location (4pts)                                                                                                                                                               _____/4pts

· Interpretations logical and not written in body (3pts/tool)                                          _____/6pts

· Fewer than five grammatical, spelling errors, typed using 12 font prints.   __   /5pts

Students can base their observation on the attached video. Write 1-2 pages for this paper

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