For your New Media PowerPoint you will select a form of New Media (an application) that relates to Communications and produce a 10-15 PowerPoint slide presentation including the who, what, when, where, why, how, and price of your selection. Your PowerPoint is to be done on a complete black background and contain words and at least one picture on each slide.

Your presentation needs to be saved in PowerPoint format and uploaded to here to Canvas. You may convert to a PowerPoint file via any free conversion site on the Internet before you upload.

The goal is for you to share one of your favorite new apps and educate us about it and how it relates to communications and makes your life easier.

Please make sure it is a current app and something that is not common.

In other words don’t select the obvious like Facebook, Google, Snap Chat, iPhone, and Twitter etc. Be creative and wow me to earn your points on this assignment.

Save your PowerPoint as your name space dash space and the title of your application.

Ex. Last Name First Name – Title Of New Media PowerPoint

Please make sure you include on your last slide the references used to make this PowerPoint.

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