Networking Video and tips

1)  Read through the “22 Networking Tips” list in the Networking Module.

2) Watch the YouTube video “8 Networking Tips” with Marie Forleo – the link (URL) is in the Networking module. NOTE: It might be easier to follow if you turn on the Closed Captions [CC].


1) Which of the networking tips coincides with each of the 8 tips from Marie Forleo?  There may be more than one tip from the longer list that is included in each of Forleo’s tips.

2) Are there any tips in the video and the handout that seem to be in conflict with each other?  If so, which ones, and why?  What is the conflict?  Can you find a middle ground between the conflicting areas?

3) What are some ways in which you might use these tips for specific school or business events?  Give examples.

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