As a board member of Express International, you are part of a negotiating team set to acquire ZHO Express, a delivery service located in China. Although Express International is the second largest package delivery service in the world, they currently have limited coverage in China which is now considered to have the largest express delivery volume in the world. ZHO is the third largest delivery service in China and has coverage of over 90% of China. You will write a 2500 word essay that describes your negotiation process as part of this team and adapts theories of cultural dimensions to this scenario. 

Give a brief background on the parties involved in the negotiation. Feel free to supplement this scenario with facts discovered about similar companies. 

Create a cultural comparison with China regarding business relationships and communications. 

Demonstrate your knowledge of cultural differences through adapting cultural dimensions to the scenario. 

Identify goals and interests for each party. Point out your BATNA and WATNA. Determine what will be your walkaway point. 

Discuss your strategy as part of the acquisition team including your strategy to eliminate bias and your persuasive strategy. Predict your counterparts’ strategy. Discuss what inherent flaws might surface during the negotiation. 

Identify the type of power in the negotiation and discuss what will happen if negotiation breaks down. 

Recommend how to proceed with the negotiation. 

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