Topic 1: Review the Video Case: Managing in Turbulent Times at Second City. What long-term challenges can learning organizations encounter to ensure continued success? How can organizations proactively address these challenges? Anchor your post with academic support.

Topic 2: Watch the video, Moment of Crisis: Hostage Negotiators on the Job, exploring police hostage negotiations. These cases demonstrate the high consequences in managing a crisis. What lessons can any organization take from these examples? Anchor your post with academic support.

Topic 3: Watch the video, Crisis Management Strategies: Ian Mitroff on Successfully Managing Crises. Think of a recent business scenario of a crisis. It may be Wells Fargo Bank, American Airlines, Delta, GM, or any other business crisis that made national headlines. What did they do correctly according to your text and Mistroff’s video? What did they do wrong?

Discussion Questions (DQs)

For the three discussion questions posted to the discussion board this week, respond with an initial post to one of the questions. Initial responses should be a minimum of 250 words.

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