1.  APA style

2. TWO PAGE equivalent and double-spaced 

The infancy finds a concept that you think could have happened to you during your first two years of life. I am not currently in middle or late adulthood, just find a concept that will apply to life in the future. Dying and Bereavement, find a concept that is important. 

Review the life and apply ONE concept, make sure to provide an in-text citation on where you got your information from and also provide an APA style reference for these ideas at the end of your paper in your references section

apply one different concept from EACH of the following periods, a total of 8 concepts to apply to yourself. 

For example, for Period 6 choose to discuss the concept of puberty and will talk about experiences with puberty. For Period 7, choose to discuss the concept of palliative care and will talk about how to anticipate how may need palliative care. 

Period 1. INFANCY (First 2 Years) 

Period 2.  EARLY CHILDHOOD (2 – 5 Years) 

Period 3.  MIDDLE TO LATE CHILDHOOD (5 – 12 Years)  Period 4. Ch 11, 12 ADOLESCENCE (12 – 20 Years) 

Period 5. EARLY ADULTHOOD (20 – 40 Years) 

Period 6. MIDDLE ADULTHOOD (40 – 65 Years) 

Period 7. LATE ADULTHOOD (65 Years and Beyond) 


Please put the concept you are defining and applying in Bold and Underline it.

Be sure to provide APA style In-text citations for all ideas that are not your own and an APA style references section at the end

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