Discussion Prompt 1

Life Expectancy: What Does It Take to Live a Long Life?

According to the CDC, the current average life expectancy is 78.7 years old. https://www.cdc.gov/nchs/fastats/life-expectancy.htm Although there are some who live much longer, even up to 120 years. In  your opinion, what factors contribute to those who live well beyond the  average age? Consider lifelong healthcare regiments, attitudes, and  behaviors. Are these factors in agreement with what psychologists find  to be common in centenarians? Support your reasoning with information  from the text and other course materials.

Discussion Prompt 2

Socioemotional Selectivity Theory

Psychologists claim that those in late adulthood  are more  selective about the company they keep because they are less willing to  invest in relationships with emotional risk and they place a higher  value on emotional satisfaction. Do you feel this a valuable way to  approach social relationships? Why or why not? Could this approach be  useful in other periods of development? If so, how? Support your  reasoning with information from the text and other course materials. – Each response should be minimum of 125 words

2.  Describe the mechanism that permits the penis to become erect. 

-Response should be minimum of 4 sentences 

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