Guided Response: Review several of your peers’ posts and respond to at least two discussing their quiz results. Find a response that mentions a style you can relate to and comment on the activities presented. 

Anthony Patrick

Everyone has their own style of learning. As educators, we often get stuck on one teaching method or style in which we teach our students. Some may argue that it is impossible and pointless to teach to different types of learners in higher education. However, your text presents many different modes of presenting information to students and evaluating their understanding. Using Chapter 25 and the resources available in the quiz results, discuss your prominent learning styles and/or types. Include three examples of activities that would align with your own strengths.

It is no surprise to me that my prominent learning style is Body Movement (Kinesthetic). I have always been a person who moves and loves movement explorations practices. Hence to me being a dancer. Growing up, I needed to have some type of movement or physical touch in order for my brain to fully comprehend the thing I was engaged in. Nilson states that “kinesthetic learners rely heavily on inductive reasoning and benefit from multiple examples and hands-on experiences” (Nilson, 2010). I couldn’t agree more. I am stimulated by the act of being active and using my hands and body as a tool for learning. Naturally,  I have talents and skills to play all type of sports. Growing up in a Christian based Preschool program, we did a lot of activities that helped define my fine motor skills as well as gross motor skills.

This also probably explains why I am so fascinated with the Montessori Education Philoshpy. The student participates in lessons with hands-on material. They are able to engage in wonder as they manipulate the materials and find their own solutions. The Montessori method produces a whole body-integration learning experience.

3 examples of activities that would align with my strengths of being a Kinesthetic Learner:

  1. I create Dance moves and Step to help me remember certain things.
  2. When I feel my brain becoming overwhelmed, I change my environment.  I May go outdoors and work or take a quick drive, or even work around.  
  3. Once I learn something new, I have to physically practice the new skill or activity repeatedly.

Jessica Roberts

After taking the learning styles quiz I found that body movement was a learning strength for me. It makes me think of how when I want to explain something I have to move my hands or pace sometimes because it just helps me think. It did mention that I would be good at sports which is one area that I was a constant in my life. I always played a sport and did excel in it at a young age. It always explained how I like to take things apart and put them back together, now I do not think this at all true. I have done this but I wouldn’t say it is a strength for me. 

It always stated that I was a social person. This is very true. I do like to talk and carry on conversations as well as tie it into our classroom discussions I do like to read and reply to my peers. It would always seem that by being social I like to do things in a team setting. Which is true for being a team player, but only when peers have assigned parts. 

Lastly, it gave me an interest in nature. I find this very weird considering I really do not grow flowers or take the time to admire them in the store. I do like to hike and enjoy the outdoors in terms of finding new places to explore, other than that it is not on my top list of things that are very important to me. It does make sense that I do enjoy exploring new places and would tie into my social lifestyle but I’m not one to be completely committed to nature as an area Id like to learn more about. 

The two other areas listed were self and language which are very important parts to my learning style which are very close to my top three strengths. 

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