Leadership Journal: Leadership Competencies

To prepare for this journal read Howard Gardner’s Five Minds for the Future (Links to an external site.). You will specifically reflect on each competency within the source:

Throughout your program you have discussed, and will continue to discuss, the importance of becoming a 21st-century educator. Equally important is preparing your students for being 21st-century learners. One way to do both is through reflective guidance in what Howard Gardner describes as the “Five Minds for the Future.” According to Gardner (2008), the “Five Minds are competencies which young people and the society need in the twenty first century going forward” (p. 2). For your leadership journal, reflect on each of these competencies as a leader in the field of early childhood education.

Part 1: Content/Course Reflection (1pt.)

Part 2: Program/Personal Reflection (2pts.)

Integrative and Critical Thinking Expectations (demonstrated within the content of the journal):

Research and Resource Expectations:

Writing and Formatting Expectations (1pt.):

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