Research Profile Instructions

The Research Profile is an important part of the process of taking ownership of your dissertation phase. It allows you to begin identifying your intentions for the study by describing the significance, raising questions, and providing research objectives to address these components.

To this end, you will submit a research profile in 2 parts:

Part 1: Research Profile Draft

Based on the readings for this course, the Annotated Bibliography, and the initial findings of the literature review, you will identify 1 salient issue or problem in leadership or education. This may or may not be the intended research project for the dissertation. From this finding, the student will develop a research profile that is 3–5 pages. Please submit Part 1 in Module/Week 5, with Part 2, the final version, due in Module/Week 6. Please see the summary outline of expectations (Intent of Study) below. Part 1 must be clearly identified as Part 1. Please do not submit previously graded work from other courses and be judicious in application of previously submitted work from this course.

Intent of the study

Identify the topic. Select 1 topic issue or problem based upon your readings for this course or from your own leadership experience. Write a 2–3 paragraph description of this problem. Be very specific.

Based upon this finding, write a brief description of the significance of that problem for the practice of Christian leadership.

In light of the problem or topic you have identified, set out 3–5 potential questions that frame this issue as it relates to your potential dissertation work. As a researcher, what are the questions you have about the problem you have identified that you intend to explore and research? Write a brief overview (summary) of these questions.

Based on the questions you have enumerated, identify potential research objectives that seek to address those questions in view of your dissertation. What is your objective in researching this problem?

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