Knowledge Acquisition and Memory Development

Prior to beginning work on this assignment, please read all the  required readings and the Instructor Guidance, as well as view all  required multimedia. It is suggested that you also review the  recommended resources for this week as a number of them may assist you  in creating this written assignment with links to applicable articles.

Too often, when we learn about memory development, we forget that  this has a direct relationship to effectively learning. Knowledge is  essentially a memory and how well we process information affects our  performance at many levels. For this paper, you will be explaining some  of the cognitive-based ideologies that explain how memory development  works, how it is affected by outside variables, and strategies for  improving one’s own information processing effectively. You will  demonstrate an understanding of psychological research methods and  skeptical inquiry by correctly utilizing support resources within your  writing.

Discuss the following in your paper:

Suggested template.

The Knowledge Acquisition and Memory Development paper

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