Unit 2 AS: Job Analysis

AS Description: 

The purpose of this assignment is to research careers within your field or major, allowing you to learn about different jobs that may be available and make a plan to obtain one following graduation. Additionally, the assignment introduces you to the library’s Research Guides, a resource you may use later in the semester when constructing the literature review.

AS Instructions: 

In a short (250-500 word), MLA- or APA-formatted essay (use whichever is expected for work within your major), discuss the parameters of your major and the types of jobs typically associated with it. Use the Kean University Online Library Research Guide for your major or intended field to help you find resources that will allow you to discuss the types of jobs your major could offer, the history of the major or field, what you will need to accomplish in college to be successful in that career (does your potential career require certain degrees, experiences, grades, etc.?), and anything else you feel is particularly important for someone interested in your potential career to know.

If you already know which specific job or career you are interested in, focus your writing on that job in particular. If you are unsure as to what you wish to do with your major, research several possibilities and give an overview of the major jobs in the field.

Be sure to properly cite your sources with both in-text citation and a properly formatted Works Cited or References page.

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