Respond to Peers:

 Respond to at least two of your classmate’s initial posts. Each response should be at least 75 words in length and should address two or more of the following points:  

• Do you agree with your classmates’ perspectives? Why, or why not? Be specific. 

• Ask a specific question to encourage further discussion on the topic. 

• Challenge your classmates’ interpretation of literature and/or point of view. 

• Do a small amount of research and share what you learn with your peers about the topic discussed in this post.

• Ferdinand Cuevas  

75 Word Count Response

  ENG 125 Introduction to Literature Week One Discussion Two

o Why might a writer feel compelled to write about literature? How does it benefit us personally and professionally?

 “In many ways, literature reflects historical issues and conditions” (Clugston 2014). Throughout the many different periods in history, writers have written about key defining moments in history. Wars that have been fought, the progress that has been achieved, whether it be social or technological. People have written to give insight to different cultures. People have written about religions. I can’t tell you how many religions there are including splinters of other religions, like Sunni and Shia or Catholic and Lutheran.

o What kind of writing and thinking skills do you hope that you will develop in this course based on the description of writing about literature in Sections 1.1, 2.1, and 2.3 of the text?

I think that I will need to focus on identifying and relating to emotional connections and feelings in writing. Most of my reading comes in the form of informational, gun, magazines. It’s something that interests me, having been around firearms almost my entire life. There isn’t really a lot of emotional connection with this type of medium. I believe that I can dissect what I read to a certain extent. However, there are times that I struggle and have to reread the information multiple times. As far as searching for mean, sometimes I struggle to see the underlying themes and meanings. I look to improve on all of these. I think that learning to connect to readers is important in many ways. You want to make a connection to the reader. If you make a connection, then they will continue to read the entire writing.


 Clugston, W.R. (2014). Journey into Literature (2nd ed.) [Electronic version]. Retrieved from      

• Robyn Reaves

  75 Word Count Response

Writers enable us to see things clearly, often in new ways that alter previous perceptions.” (Clugston ,2014). A writer has the chance to experience what’s happening in their own personal life that may have had an impact on them. Writers often bring a powerful message to their stories and the readers tend to find a personal experience in what they are reading. Some writers write to have an impact on others’ lives. It is the chance to express opinions, but keeping an open mind.

Literature benefits one in many ways. It allows us to express ourselves, it also helps us in the understanding of other cultures that we may have known anything about. Literature also benefits us because it expands our knowledge and our learning skills. Without the ability to read and write one cannot succeed in life. It makes our mind creative to think new and imaginative things.

As a child and growing up I’ve never enjoyed reading or writing. I’ve never been a good writer so I’d like to improve my writing and my understanding to what I’m reading so I can find some enjoyment in reading. I hope that in this class I understand literature better then I do now.


 Clugston, R. W. (2014). Journey into literature (2nd ed.) [Electronic version]. Retrieved from

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