TITLE: Infant and Toddler Book List

Introduction:  This assignment will allow you to add to your book list created in  other classes. The focus will be on books for infants and toddlers that  meet the criteria found in ITERS (Infant Toddlers Environmental Rating  Scale). Pay close attention to the categories permitted as you create  your book list. Quality books enhance literacy development, language  development, and socialization skills.

The Assignment 

Develop  a list of 20 books appropriate for use in an infant/toddler  classroom. (Ages 6 weeks-2 years). Use the following categories from ITERS (Infant and Toddler  Environmental Rating Scales): realistic nature books (include pets and  common farm animals), picture books of people of different races, ages  and abilities, and familiar objects and routines. Give title, author,  illustrator, copyright date and a one – two sentence description of the  content. A table or spreadsheet is preferred to show organization for  each book.

Grading Criteria

0 – 20 points – 20 book titles listed

0 – 20 points – author/illustrator listed for each book

0 – 20 points – appropriate category listed

0 – 20 points – copyright date listed for each book

0  – 20 points – two sentences description of book that includes age  target audience (for example: one years old, infants, two years old

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