Evaluate how to develop high-quality educators through ethics and leadership.


You are the director at All Kids Childcare and Education. You are completing your staff performance reviews this week and have realized that many of the teachers are not following your policies or state regulations. The main issues you’ve noticed during the performance reviews are teachers using cell phones in the classroom and gathering on the playground to talk. Both of these behaviors create situations where there is not a good teacher-child interaction, and the children are not being properly observed. You feel it is important to offer opportunities for teachers with unacceptable performance a chance to improve their practice.


First, reflect on what might be motivating the teachers to perform at a low level of practice.

Submit your reflection as a two-page paper in Word. Provide supporting information from the module 04 reading and use early childhood terminology.

A cover sheet, APA formatting for the reference list, and proper grammar and punctuation are required. APA help is available here.

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