IDEA requires that specific topics be covered in an IEP meeting. The   IEP team consists of general education teachers, special education   teachers, a psychologist or counselor, administration,   parents/guardians, speech therapist, occupational therapist, and on   occasion, student and student advocate. Often, a special education   teacher serves as a case manager and is responsible for inviting   attendees to the meeting and coordinating the meeting according to   policies and regulations. Effective communication, interpersonal   skills, problem solving skills, and data-driven decision-making are   all prerequisites to facilitating a successful IEP meeting. Often, a   school district will provide a checklist for teams to follow when   developing and discussing the IEP to help ensure all responsibilities   are met.

Review the “IEP Checklist.” In a 750-1,000 essay, discuss   your future educational role and the steps in the IEP process.

Include the following:

  1. Identify IEP team members, by title, who are mandated to be     present under IDEA and those who are optional under IDEA.
  2. Describe the CEC Ethical Principles and Professional Practice     Standards and how they guide practice. 
  3. Examine legal,     ethical, and policy responsibilities within the checklist and video     relating to educational development and medical/related services for     students with disabilities and their families.
  4. Select     skills from the IEP checklist you think will be helpful for you to     perform. How could such a checklist ensure that ethical principles     and practice standards guide your role, including your     responsibilities and expectations as either a general education or     special education teacher, in your future professional   practice? 

Within your essay, cite the “IEP Checklist,” CEC Ethical   Principles and Professional Practice Standards, and 2-3 scholarly resources.

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