Overview:  For this assignment, you will  identify and describe the type of statistical test used in a research  study, and briefly describe the results.


Find and report on a dissertation (Choose from list below) that uses  quantitative or mixed methodology. (If you select a mixed study, only  report on the quantitative part of it.)  Create a Word document that  includes the following:

  1. State the title of dissertation, formatted in APA style.
  2. State the research problem and research question(s).
  3. Briefly describe the sampling procedure.
  4. Identify the statistical test used (t-test, chi square, ANOVA,  Pearson r, etc.). Why was this particular test a good fit for this  study?
  5. Briefly summarize (1-2 paragraphs) the results reported in the  dissertation. Explain whether statistical significance was found, and  provide evidence.


Differentiating for Gifted Learners.pdfPreview the document

Injury Prevention.pdfPreview the document

New Teacher Retention.pdfPreview the document

Perceptions_Technology in Mississippi Public Schools.pdfPreview the document

Preparation of Special Education Teachers.pdfPreview the document

Preservice Elementary Math Teachers.pdfPreview the document

Silent Reading Comprehension.pdfPreview the document

Teaching Vocabulary.pdfPreview the document

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