The professional can apply new electronic technologies and knowledge of those techniques in the following ways (Shelly, Gunter, & Gunter, 2010):

For this assignment, your task is to identify and describe a learning environment and create a curriculum plan for implementing e-learning in the environment that you choose. Considerations should include ways in which technology and networks may enhance productivity, including the following:

Use the curriculum planning guide below to create your plan.


Explain the need for the curriculum. This may include a statement of a learning

problem or issue that the curriculum will address. It often gives observational

data to support the need.

Development Team

Describe who will provide expertise and input to the development. How will the

team be composed and managed?


What documents or written resources may be useful?

Mission or Vision Statement

What is the value-added benefit?


What will learners be able to do that they cannot do now?

Action Steps and Time Line

What needs to be done, and in what order should it be done?

Evaluation Plans

How will you measure success?

                                                               PART 2: 6 PAGES APA

Technology integration into the curriculum has increased in the last several years. Educational organizations have discovered that technology can be integrated into each phase of teaching: preteaching activities, teaching activities, and post-teaching activities.

In this assignment, you will concentrate on integrating technology within a unit that is not already used for a previous assignment. You will provide details on how technologies are used within the unit’s activities while describing how various other technologies might also be used to design and evaluate the same unit.

Complete the following:

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