This assignment is due at the beginning of next class.

  1. Read the documents posted on Bb Learn:

–    Engineering_Disciplines_Handout

–    Engineering fields

  1. Visit the following websites:



  1. Now, log into LOUIE, and read the course descriptions of classes in your major.

–    In LOUIE, select the “Search” tab and then the “browse course catalog” tab.

–    Engineering courses are found in these areas:

– For more detailed instructions on how to find the course catalog, follow this link:

  1. Find 5 engineering jobs that are interesting to you:

–    http://www



  1. Prepare and submit a table containing the following information for each job:

–    the title of the position,

–    the URL of the website,

–    the description of the position, and

–    required level of education / experience.

Compare and Contrast the required and desirable knowledge and skills listed in the 5 job postings.

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