How to find the articles for the critiques: 10 critiques

Go to

username: esmeraldarodri

Go to Announcements on right

Select the one that talks about critiques and follow the link there.

A list of articles will appear.

Select the articles you are interested in reading and print them out.

There is no charge to view the articles or print.

Instructions for writing the critiques:

Each critique should be 1-2 double-spaced typewritten pages long in 12 point font with one inch margins.

It should have your name, the course number, the article name and author at the top.

The first section should be a brief summary of the article.

The second section should be your reaction to the article. Here are some examples:

Did you agree or disagree with the article and why?

Was there something in the article that stood out for you?  What was it and why?

What did you learn?

Critiques are to be submitted via email to the TA and not to the professor.

Critiques that are only one paragraph and/or less than one full page will be rejected.

NOTE: Each critique is equal to 1 experiment credit.

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