For this assignment I have attached a Example of how the work should be done. You can use same references just make sure it is not word for word on the example worksheet and paper no plagiarism. Look at document attached to see how to do assignment. I have also attached your own worksheet to put your information in 


  1. Use the List of Tests by Type PDF in the Required Resources to select three tests from one or two categories. Select a test category that is relevant to your professional training and goals.
  2. Use the Assessment 1 Template: Review and Selection of a Standardized Test worksheet in the Required Resources to complete this assessment.

For this assessment, assume the role of a professional in a setting related to your specialization.


Your supervisor has assigned you the responsibility of reviewing and selecting a standardized test to be used in your setting. Knowing that you will be expected to provide an evidence-based rationale for your selection, construct a compare and contrast worksheet for your notes and prepare a summary of your analysis with academic references.

Record all information on the Assessment 1 Template: Review and Selection of a Standardized Test worksheet. There are three sections. The Scoring Guide criteria are italicized.

Section One: Test Review Table

Describe how the three selected tests and category are related to one’s area of specialization and career goal.

*You may select a test from two categories, if it aligns with your professional goals.

Findings: Compare and contrast these three tests according to the Code’s first four (1–4) elements. Use the element title as a subheading under Findings.

Define the purpose for testing, the content and skills to be tested, and the intended test-takers for the three tests.

Describe the appropriateness of test content, skills tests, and content coverage for the intended purpose of testing for the three tests.

Describe materials provided by test developers and whether the information provided is clear, accurate, and complete for the three tests.

Analyze the level of professional knowledge, skills, and training required to administer and interpret the three tests.

Section Two: Test Selection and Rationale

Compare and contrast the three tests based on Elements 1–4 in the code of Fair Testing Practices in Education.

Recommend one test for further analysis, based on analysis of Elements 1–4 of the Code of Fair Testing in Education.

Section Three: References

Additional Requirements

Write clearly and logically, with correct use of spelling, grammar. punctuation, mechanics, and APA format and style.


Joint Committee on Testing Practices. (2004). Code of fair testing practices in education. Retrieved from

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