You will complete a 5-7 page paper on the history of the development of the NASW Code of Ethics. This paper will be written APA 6th Edition. You are expected to have at least 4 scholarly, peer reviewed resources. 

1. History: The first section of the paper will address how the NASW Code of Ethics was initially developed. Who was instrumental in the development? Why did social workers feel there was need for a  uniform code?

2. Current/Comparison: What does the code cover now? How did it evolve? Compare the NASW Code of Ethics to the SC Code. How are they alike? What are the major differences? Why do you think the NASW Code encompasses more? Due 04/17/17 at 10am

3. Ethical dilemmas: Discuss the steps in solving an ethical dilemma. How id the Code beneficial?

4. Conclusion: In this section you will summarize what you have learned about the NASW Code of Ethics. Do you feel it is lacking anything? Should things be made more concise? Doe it address technology adequately?

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