his 2 part assignment consists of: a narrative summary of an interview with female-identified (Module 2)  

You will conduct one interview of a female-identified individual in Module 2 that will be due at the end of Module 3. Choose someone who is willing to sit with you and talk to you openly about their thoughts and experiences. This individual may be a family member, a friend, or a co-worker. Remember, use only first names for confidentiality reasons.

After completing your interview, write a 2-3 page paper organized in two parts addressing the following:

Part I:  After completing the interview, you will write a narrative summary of the data you have collected addressing all key points as listed below.

Introduction:   In the first paragraph, provide a brief description of the person you interviewed that includes demographic information. (i.e., age, occupation, family situation, marital status, educational level, etc.).

Interview Summary: write a narrative summary, from the data you have collected, addressing all key points as listed below.

Interview Questions: these questions should guide your interview:

Part II: Analysis: The purpose of this section is to analyze the differences and/or the similarities between the person you interviewed and the literature.  

Using the objective research discussed in Module 2 and 3:

Concluding Paragraph: summarize your findings and highlight key discoveries from this experiential activity.

Scholarly Writing:

  1. Use clear structure as outlined in the assignment.
  2. Language is graceful, clear, concise, error-free, and skillfully communicates meaning to reader(s).
  3. Paper is well written organized, and within page limit.
  4. Grammar, spelling, and punctuation are correct
  5. Conforms to APA standards for citations and references
  6. Minimum of three (3) scholarly references are utilized to support the analysis.
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