1. Reflect on each major area of your life (personal, family, work, school, health–whichever of these are relevant, or add your own important areas).  What is going well and what are some stressors (or potential upcoming stressors) in this area?  Which things are (at least partly) in your control, and which things are in other people’s control?  Write a few sentences about the status (and foreseeable future) of each area.
  2.  List two (2) of your specific stressors and what stress management techniques you might use to cope with them.  For each, provide a link to a resource that can teach you or reinforce how to use that technique. Resources can be websites, books, videos, or other media.
  3. Besides specific stressors, many of us carry a weight of overall stress with us.  What is one regular technique you can do to help with your overall state of stress?  When will you use it?  What signs can you look for in yourself that you need to use it? Provide a link to a resource that can teach you or reinforce how to use this technique.
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