SPED 7010

Fad Treatments


Prepare a 7 min presentation. Use the first part of the model proposed by Schreck & Miller (2010), p. 310-311, to evaluate its scientific support. Specifically:

  1. Evaluate the theoretical/conceptual support of the treatment, if any. If there is no theoretical support, provide the following information: What is the rationale of this treatment? What are its underlying assumptions? Why does it claim to be effective? Provide the sources of this information (internet, personal communications, magazines, etc.)
  2. Describe the treatment techniques. What procedures are involved?
  3. Describe the treatment’s effects and provide scientific evidence of these effects: Find one article published in a peer-reviewed journal during the last 5 years, demonstrating treatment effectiveness. Briefly present their procedures and data. If no empirical articles are found, provide any information supporting its effectiveness. Discuss the validity and accuracy of this information.
  4. Does the treatment cause harm? Research if there have been reported cases of illnesses, or unplanned harmful side effects. Provide data if any.
  5. Based on the information provided, conclude and justify if you would recommend this treatment to a family.


Total: 20 points

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