Discussion question 1

“Enhancing Learning with Video”  Please respond to the following:

· Select one (1) concept or task from your current or previous workplace. Next, outline a brief plan for using videos in the classroom or workplace, and support the explanation of the selected concept or task. Justify the use of video with examples of how it best enhances learning of the concept or task in question.

Discussion question 2

“Enhancing Learning with Visuals”  Please respond to the following:

· Analyze three (3) categories of visuals discussed by Smaldino et al. Next, recommend three (3) corresponding technologies that best complement the viewing of content that falls into the three (3) categories of visuals that you had selected. Support your response with examples of how the three (3) technologies could be best used to enhance a lesson.

· Discuss key influences that age and ethnicity may exert on the encoding and decoding of visuals used within educational contexts and provide one (1) example for age and one (1) example for ethnicity.

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