Assignment 1:         (2 page minimum APA not required)

As stated in the introduction to chapter seven, education in the United States is organized on four governmental levels: Local, intermediate(in some states), state and federal. Understanding the formal organization of schools and how they are governed can help you make wise choices and realistic decisions about schools and take appropriate political action. The “Focus” question on page 213 of chapter 7 will be the topic of Unit 3 Case Study

  1. As you follow various news media in your area, what educational issues are discussed at the local school district level? 
  2. How do these issues impact board members, the superintendent, school principals, and the community?  

Assignment 2:         *APA style required 2 page minimum

Chapter 9 provides a general overview of the United States court system and examines legal topics and court decisions that have most affected today’s schools and teachers. As an educator you will encounter such topics from copyright, to child protection, to religion. It is important to consider these legal aspects of education and the role you play in the array of potential issues. 

Question: Which component of School Law is most difficult or creates “professional concerns” for you? 

This is another reflective paper, you may write in first-person. Your APA paper must include a minimum of two sources and be organized according to the following. The length of the paper includes resource page. APA format is expected. Refer to your APA manual (required text) for more information. 

    APA title page 

    APA abstract page with Key words

    Introduction (no heading; paper begins with title of paper) 

Body: Address the Question (heading; bold; centered) 

Conclusion (heading; bold; centered) 

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