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Post to reply to===>Confirmation bias is the tendency to feel that we are right in whatever we may think and or feel about things and or someone. We all have our own beliefs and or always feel like we are right because we all have thoughts, emotions, and opinions.  I think that we all have confirmation biases meaning that when let’s say when you are having a debate and or conversation with someone and they believe what they think and vice versa in our own mind we will think that we are right regarding how the other person feels but we tend to not think about what the other person is saying. Confirmation bias occurs from the direct influence as well. When people would like a certain idea or concept to be true, they end up believing it to be true. They are motivated by wishful thinking. I believe the last biases I had was when this guy in one of my classes said that women were made for the kitchen and that, that is the position they need to stay in. I totally disagree just because that was how it was years ago does not mean that has to be today meaning yes women did not have rights and were not allowed to get an education. If you look at it today women have came along ways to being and doing better than most men and as far as most women bringing in more income than men. I don’t believe that the kitchen is made for a woman, I believe that it can and should be 50/50. I also do not believe in a woman being a stay at home mom most of the time I think it should be equal i do not have a problem with it, I’m just saying that it shouldn’t be the woman staying home 24/7. A women is allowed freedom as well. Another biases is Abortion I do not believe in abortion and there are some woman i know that have had them and were continously going and i felt like if you were not readdy then you shouldn’t be having sex and or you should be protecting yourself. I can see if a woman were raped or taking advantage of and became pregnant by the person because that is very much different but if that is not the case then why do it. I honestly don’t see how someone could do that because that does have an effect on the body and or the fetus.

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