Under the feedback section of D2L, I had indicated that I will always be available for feedback. However, after the second submission I stated I will no longer be making any grade changes. A second attempt at the assignment was a gift and should not be considered the norm. As a graduate student, you are expected to take the course material and practically apply it to the assignments. If you needed clarification, there were ample number of opportunities to do so. The assignment was due over a week ago and I have provided clear, explicit instructions (with examples) of what I was looking for both in class as well as in the assignment listed on D2L. Please go back and read the feedback from your 3rd submission as well as read the examples provided in the power point. It may be helpful for you to also review your text. Your definition needs to be objective and measurable with no SUBJECTIVE input from the data collector (you). In addition, an operational definition should not paragraph long. Here is another example of an operational definition.  


Inappropriate play: any behavior that is not within the context of the ongoing activity and/or the misuse of leisure items (e.g., throwing toys not intended for throwing, jumping on furniture, flapping a doll’s arms, or breaking toys). 

Now, take your 3rd submission of leaving the seat without permission” and and describe it to me in observable measurable terms no longer than 2 sentences without using the name of the behavior in your definition. (i.e. what does leaving the seat look like?) Remember, in class, I indicate that it may be beneficial for you to act out the behavior of concern because it may assist you in writing the definition. 

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